About Us


A family of service! With a passion for wood working since his childhood, owner Matthew Haack created Old Goat Custom Woods (OGCW) after noticing a need during his many years as a part time carpenter and full time U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer. The need for good, solid, high quality wood products that would last the test of time.  A veteran owned and operated business, OGCW specializes in an array of services that span from custom woodworking to laser engraving and CNC work. Small or large, our family is committed to making your project a huge success never rushing the details and ensuring that what you get is what you ordered. 


OGCW works with you to bring to life quality custom pieces that are one of a kind and will last a lifetime. We are most notably known for our one of a kind military shadowboxes. We also specialize in custom built furniture, military memorabilia as well as laser etching and engraving.


OGCW promises to provide quality wood products that will last a lifetime, built with a high level of craftsmanship and your design and purpose in mind.